Using Energy Efficient Lighting Products will produce multiple national benefits by addressing critical issues of energy efficiency, pollution prevention, and economic competitiveness.

LED arrow-board and message-boards have been around for the past 12 years. Now we have the comfort of having LED display's where ever we travel. They are on our bridges and overpasses as well as poles and display signs. LEDS are a proven way of life.

LEDs are poised to cross the next municipal frontier and tackle the challenge of LED Street lighting. If the mass adoption of solid state traffic signals is any indication, high pressure sodium, and high intensity discharge (mercury vapor) street lamps may soon lose their luster as the dominant sources of road and sidewalk illumination.

The first LED street light installations are already being tested around the world, and in some cases implemented, in China, North America and Europe, as governments, municipalities and utilities strive to replicate the energy and maintenance savings of LED traffic lights elsewhere within their borders.

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